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Celeris Unveils Strategies Integration with Unlimit Acquirer, Paving the way for Global Market Expansion

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 15 February 2023 — In a significant move towards enhancing global payment processing capabilities, Celeris, a leading global payment processing and orchestration platform, proudly announces its successful integration with Unlimit, a renowned leader in payment solutions.

This strategic integration opens up new horizons for merchants and partners working with Celeris, allowing seamless access to the burgeoning markets of Latin America and Asia through Unlimit Acquirer. With a commitment to simplifying payment processes for merchants, this collaboration empowers businesses with myriad acquiring solutions, consolidating multiple choices into a single, unified integration.

Unlimit, distinguished for boasting the world’s most extensive in-house developed payment infrastructure, offers unparalleled coverage in Latin America and Asia. This places Celeris in a formidable position to assist merchants in exploring and conquering new markets, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to facilitating global business expansion. Celeris orchestration payment gateway, renowned for its adaptability, can be tailored to suit the specific needs of businesses, regardless of their size. The platform’s microservices architecture ensures rapid scalability and agility, enabling companies to stay ahead of market trends and developments. Merchants stand to benefit from Celeris’ advanced features, such as transaction routing, retry mechanisms, and cascading options, optimizing success rates and enhancing overall payment efficiency.

In expressing his excitement regarding the integration, Sunil Jhamb, the CEO of Celeris, has articulated the significance of the partnership with Unlimit “as a testament to the company’s steadfast dedication to providing outstanding payment solutions”. Jhamb accentuated that this collaborative integration “symbolizes another progressive step towards enhancing clients’ payment processes, reinforcing security protocols, and expanding their global presence”. 

The commitment to delivering excellence in payment services is highlighted as a core principle of the partnership, with a specific focus on refining security measures and extending the international reach of Celeris This collaboration stands as a testament to Celeris’ dedication to continuous enhancement and adaptability within the ever-evolving fintech landscape. By joining forces with Unlimit, Celeris fortifies its position as a provider of world-class payment experiences, poised to redefine the standards of seamless, secure, and globally accessible payment processing.

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