In-Depth Reporting

Gain actionable insights and full visibility on your data to make informed strategic decisions that result in a higher success rate.


Real-Time analytics

Intuitive interface

Insights on unsuccessful transactions

Customisable graphics and reporting

Add users and rights

Device compatibility

Analyst on the go!

  • CelerisPay Mobile App: All payment data and actions on your mobile device.

  • Device Compatibility: Software built for both iOS and Android.

  • Merchant Friendly User Interface: Continuous user feedback results in great ease of use.

  • Share All Analytics: Information can be shared from the App using Whatsapp, Slack, email and more.

 Single & Multi Acquirer Reporting

 View all your payments across acquirers within a single panel

indepth reporting

Web store Analytics

Get insights on how customers interact with your web store

Bring Facts to Light with



No more slicing & dicing of data – Celerispay provides all the statistics you need to run your business efficiently.

As a PaaS solution, it comes as a value addition with our award-winning payment gateway.


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