Automated Reconciliation

As a merchant you want to operate independent from acquirers and be in the driving seat of your payments strategy.

payment orchestration
Automated Reconciliation

In control of your own strategy

One integration for all payment methods

Up to date for new rules and regulations

Low code easy integration

Higher success rate is higher revenue

Insightful actionable data

One Engine,
endless routing possibilities:

Country/Region, BIN Range, Volume, and more criteria can be used to determine the most suitable acquirer according to your client needs.

  • Country/Region
  • Bin Range
  • Volume, Ratio
  • Currency
  • Fee Optimization
Customer Intelligent Routing Bank

3DS Routing for a smooth checkout experience!

Improve success rates, lower costs, and stay compliant with Celerispay’s payment authentication solution Flex 3DS.

3ds gif

3DS routing allows merchants to decide and implement their own 3DS2 strategy. Namely, merchants can choose which transactions they want to pass on to 3DS2, 3DS1, or no 3DS. This feature routes transactions to the most efficient authentication protocol, taking into account exemptions and other valuable information.

  • No 3DS: TRA Exempted, whitelisted merchants, interregional, some recurring and out of scope transactions can be routed as a No 3DS transaction.
  • 3DS2:  This is the best way to comply with the SCA regulations
  • 3DS1:  if the issuer is not ready for 3DS2, then the transaction will be authenticated with 3DS1 
  • LVE: Low value transactions, transactions under €30 and cumulative payments higher than €100 on the same card.                   

Bring facts to light with In-Depth Reporting

No more slicing & dicing of data – Celerispay provides all the statistics
you need to run your business efficiently.

  • CelerisPay Mobile App: All payment data and actions on your mobile device.

  • Device Compatibility: Software built for both iOS and Android.

  • Merchant Friendly User Interface: Continuous user feedback results in great ease of use.

  • Share All Analytics: Information can be shared from the App using Whatsapp, Slack, email and more.

Mitigate Chargebacks with Celerispay’s Chargeback Panel


Manage chargeback ratio, safeguard your MID and bring the chargeback
costs down with Celerispay’s chargeback panel

  • Chargeback panel for actionable insights

  • Chargeback prevention to auto-refund a transaction

  • Chargeback guard for accessing details in a single click.

  • Chargeback rules to create rules in a few clicks

Speed it up with Automated Reconciliation


Simplify and speed up the verification process while making sure all transactions are being matched and displayed accurately on the reconciliation dashboard. 

Automated Reconciliation
  • Track payments for every order

  • Gain insights into all your financial data 

  • Spot missed transactions and have better visibility on unsettled amounts

  • Work effortlessly across multiple acquirers, time-frame policies, and file formats

  • Ease the complexity in dealing with refunds and charge-backs

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